5 Rare Flowers of the World

5 Rare Flowers of the World

Currently, and thanks to many years of evolution, there is a great diversity of plant species, constituting the great kingdoms of living beings. They are essential when it comes to attracting insects and allowing the pollination of these vegetables. Perhaps thanks to this characteristic is that they have come to develop so much diversity of flowers and species.

All these varied species are, without a doubt, another reason why we, human beings, must begin to create a more sustainable and respectful way of life in order to help in their conservation.

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  1. Monkey-faced orchid
  2. Jade pearl
  3. Chocolate flower
  4. White heron orchid
  5. Giant hoop

Monkey-faced orchid

The curious thing about this flower is the monkey face formed by its petals, pistils and antennae. Its origin occurred in Latin America, more specifically in Ecuador and Peru. It only blooms in environments with high altitudes, around 2000 meters high, so they are very rare.

Jade pearl

This flower is also known as an emerald vine. It is native to Philippine forests and shares a distant kinship with pea or bean plants. Its flowers, of a beautiful bluish color with greenish tones, come to form clusters so large that they are able to reach up to 3 meters long. The great enemies of this plant are deforestation, the difficulty at the time of its cultivation and how complicated its reproduction is, since it needs the intervention of bats for the pollination of these vegetables.

Chocolate flower

Its name is due to the aroma of this flower, cocoa and vanilla. It originated in Mexican lands, where it is almost naturally extinct. Currently it is only possible to contemplate it in nurseries, in which it has been possible to reproduce it artificially. Another characteristic of this plant is its beautiful color, intense red almost brownish.

White heron orchid

This flower of Japanese and Korean origin has similarities with a heron in mid-flight, hence its name. It grows only in swampy areas of Japan and Korea. This is because it needs a lot of moisture for its proper growth. Its flower is very delicate, so much so that its population is in constant danger of extinction.

Giant hoop

From our list, it is the flower that is most endangered. Its most striking characteristics are its terrible aroma, similar to dead meat, its height, reaching almost 3 meters in height and its flowering, which occurs once every 10 years.

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