Is a Garden Leaf Crusher good?

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To recover a large amount of green waste, it is essential to use a plant crusher. This is the case of branches that represent a significant volume and in many municipalities it is forbidden to burn.

To avoid having to go back and forth to the recycling center, this device is ideal, especially since it reduces the volume of waste from the plant by 80 to 90%. With this device, there will be no more messy garden. It remains to choose the plant crusher adapted to your needs. Let's take stock of its great usefulness, the different models and the main selection criteria.

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  1. Utility of the plant crusher
  2. Types of Leaf Crushers
  3. The mechanical grinder
  4. The thermal plant crusher
  5. The electric sheet crusher
    1. The different cutting systems
    2. The knife tray
    3. The rotor system
    4. The turbine system
  6. Main Characteristics that a Leaf Crusher must have

Utility of the plant crusher

The garden crusher is the perfect companion for gardeners who want to recycle garden waste that is not easy to handle. This is the case of pruning and pruning residues, among others, which are extremely bulky and take up a considerable amount of space in the field.

Thanks to the plant crusher, you easily find the ideal solution to reduce the volume of your waste, such as tree branches, and now everyone knows the usefulness of crushing their plants. We can, thanks to a grinder:

  • Limit handling.
  • Transform your garden waste into Fragmented Branch Wood or MRF.
  • Recycle shredded waste in the garden or in compost.
  • Have a high-value mulch.
  • It enriches the soil, since the waste is transformed into green manure.
  • Protect your plantations against drought and cold.
  • Reduce the development of weeds.
  • Limit time for both watering and weeding.
  • Reduce your water bill.
  • Do not use commercial synthetic fertilizers, because the crushed waste provides the soil with natural nutrients.
  • Protect your crops against pests and diseases.
  • Use fewer treatment products, all categories combined.

The garden crusher should be part of the gardener's panoply because a lot of garden waste cannot be reduced to pieces with pruning shears, shears or lawn mowers, devices only suitable for small jobs.

Types of Leaf Crushers

Every gardener can now afford a custom crusher, able to meet their needs in terms of managing branches of all kinds and other bulky garden waste. There are for small lots, where the number of plantations, trees and shrubs is moderate, and for large lots with many trees, where the different annual pruning generates large volumes of waste. Below are the different models of crushers and their main characteristics.

The mechanical grinder

It is a model that works... With effort! Certainly, with a mechanical crusher the task is quite muscular, but at least by operating the crank by hand a garden is grown ecologically and without noise. This crusher can accept plants up to 30 mm in diameter and provided that the strength of the wood is relatively weak, as is the case for example of stubble, stems of large plants or brush. Its price ranges between 100 and 300 €.

The thermal plant crusher

Powered by a gasoline engine, it is the most powerful type of crusher , perfectly designed for the maintenance of large terrain and intensive use. Landscapers are among the professionals who use it after having cut down trees, prune shrubs or trim hedges because it is able to reduce branches of 10 cm in diameter. It can be used even in bad weather. It is available as a 2-stroke engine and 4-stroke engine. The power of a thermal grinder ranges between 3,300 and 6,800 W depending on the model.

It is a relatively heavy device that does not make it easy to handle for some gardeners. It requires periodic maintenance, since you have to change the filters, clean or even change the spark plugs, change the oil and lubricate the different parts. It is also necessary to always provide a drum of gasoline so as not to be forced to interrupt your work in case of fuel shortages. As for its price, it is relatively high, being in the range of 800 to 3,000 €.

The electric sheet crusher

Ideal for individuals who must maintain a garden with an area of less than 500 m², it is a fairly light crusher and therefore easy to handle, rather suitable for occasional use.

It can cut branches with a diameter of 25-40 mm. As for the power, it is available in different models from 1,800 to 3,000 W. It plugs into a (standard) outlet so it should not be used in rainy weather. As for the price of an electric lawn crusher, it is between 200 and 1000 $.

The different cutting systems

In addition to choosing between a mechanical, thermal or electrical device, you must also take into account the cutting system when choosing your crusher. There are three types.

The knife tray

Also called a knife holder disc, it is perfect for a small garden of 300 m² maximum. It can only crush branches with a maximum diameter of 35 mm and is quite noisy. We appreciate the very fine crushed material that can be obtained with a knife tray, which can be used as a mulch. However, keep in mind that it is necessary to push the branches manually during use, which causes jams.

The rotor system

Silent, it can crush branches with a maximum diameter of 50 mm. It is suitable for a garden of 500 m² maximum and does not allow quick work. The crushed material obtained with a rotor system is quite thick, so it takes a while to be composted. But it can make a very good mulch.

Note that with a rotor crusher, in case of blockage, the direction of rotation can be reversed, which is very practical. However, caring for insufficiently hard plants increases the risk of clogging.

The turbine system

The turbine crusher is efficient and suitable for the maintenance of land of more than 5 areas. It can crush branches up to 50 mm in diameter.

The turbine compresses plants and easily crushes hard or even very hard wood. The risk of jamming is low with a turbine model.

Main Characteristics that a Leaf Crusher must have

Therefore, to choose a plant crusher, we first study its mode of operation, mechanical, thermal or electrical, as well as its cutting system, whether by blade, rotor or turbine. Some elements are particularly important to consider, for example:

  • The presence of a circuit breaker, a safety device that stops the device in case of jamming,
  • The power of the garden crusher, knowing that it is strongly recommended to choose a model of at least 2200 W,
  • The collection box or collection bag to save time,
  • The system of automatic actuation of branches and other plants, which avoids having to push them with your hand,
  • The removable hopper, that is, the feed hopper, which once disassembled reduces the size of the crusher, facilitating its storage when there is not much space,
  • Wheels thanks to which the garden crusher is easier to move,
  • Weight because if it is important, the device may be less manageable for some people,
  • The pusher that greatly facilitates the insertion of plants into the hopper,
  • The maintenance cost that must be taken into account if you opt for a thermal plant crusher because it is essential to empty periodically and the filters must be replaced as soon as necessary...

Finally, it is absolutely essential to take many precautions when using a garden crusher. You have to wear special glasses, gloves, but also equip yourself with noise-canceling headphones to protect yourself from the decibels, being some noisy models as we have seen above.

Of course, children are kept out of the work area. And finally, remember to always turn off the shredder before you start cleaning, servicing or repairing it.

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