Large Indoor Plants

Large Indoor Plants

When we use the term "large plant" we refer to plants whose height exceeds one and a half meters. These plants can become the main decorative element of the decoration of our home, since they bring life and color to almost any room.

If our desire is to know what types of large indoor plants there are to be able to choose well, in this list we will find the 5 most top on the market.

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  1. Croton
  2. Fatsia japonica
  3. Dracena
  4. Aralia or Polyscias


This plant can reach 3 meters in height. Its care is simple, the most important thing will be to make sure that it receives sunlight during the day, but not during the strongest hours and, above all, avoid cold temperatures. Its popularity lies in the color of the leaves and their design; its curved trunk gives it a lot of personality.

Fatsia japonica

You can live both indoors and outdoors, as long as you are in a cool, shady place. It does not need too much maintenance, we will only have to let it take a few rays of sun every morning.


Its abundant foliage is what makes it so popular with its buyers. They are easy to maintain; if given basic care such as sunlight and warm temperatures, these plants are able to live for many years.

Aralia or Polyscias

They are simple to grow and care for, perfect for people without much experience in plant management. It does not need fertilizers or demand excessive watering. This plant is popular for its showiness.

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