What is a Fulcrea Root?

What is a Fulcrea Root?

This is a website dedicated mainly to the Baniano plant, and touching on topics related to Gardening. If we put these two concepts together we will realize that the Fulcrean Roots are a main feature of this great tree.

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  1. Definition of Fulcrea Root
  2. Examples of Fulcreous Roots

Definition of Fulcrea Root

We understand by Fulcrea Root (also known as Stilt Roots) as a root that sprouts from the branch itself, descending vertically towards the ground and thus acting as a support for said branch. We also consider roots of this type those that are born from the branches or trunk and arch to submerge in the water, in the case of trees that live in that environment. This gives the feeling that the plant is kept on "stilts" so as not to drown.

Examples of Fulcreous Roots

Apart from the Baniano, there are plants with fulcreous roots:

  • Corn
  • Mangrove
  • Copey

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