What is Phosphopotatic Fertilizer? (Potassium Phosphate)

What is Phosphopotatic Fertilizer? (Potassium Phosphate)

Phosphopotatic Fertilizer is a soluble crystalline powder to add alone, or in mixture with other fertilizers when we need to promote root growth, ripening, and the sustainability of the fruits and shoots of a plant.

As the name itself suggests, this fertilizer is mainly composed of phosphorus and potassium, as we will see in the components below. These two elements are very efficient for plants, as well as serving as fungicides. The most common pair of Potassium Phosphate is Potassium Sulfate, and Potassium Nitrate.

In the event that we are looking for a fertilizer for aquarium algae or similar, it is also essential and serves completely by being soluble. Its code used in food is the E-340.

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  1. Components of Phosphopotatic Fertilizer
    1. Dose Recommended

Components of Phosphopotatic Fertilizer

  • Chemical Formula: KH2PO4
  • Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water: 52.1%
  • Phosphorus (P) soluble in water: 22.7%
  • Water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O): 34.5%
  • Potassium (K) soluble in water: 28.6%
  • Solubility (20┬║C): 225 g/L
  • EC (1 g/L at 25┬║C): 0.7 ms/cm
  • pH (1%): 4.5

Dose Recommended

  • Fertigation: concentration in irrigation water 0.3-0.8 g/L
  • Foliar spray: 0.3-2 kg/hl (100 L of water)
  • Aquariums: 0.1- 0.5 mg/liter

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